Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities include*:

  • Night of Faith (leading up to, night of, after)
  • Volunteering in classroom (teacher’s discretion)
  • Special Events (ie Formal, Staff Appreciation, etc)
  • PIE work outside of regular PIE meetings
  • Fine Arts Elective Teacher or Assistant
  • Sports: Concessions, Admissions, etc.
  • Lunchroom Assistance
  • Building & Grounds
  • Website work
  • Typing
  • More!

Family Volunteer Hours:

We believe the ONLY way to be a successful Christ-centered school is to partner closely with families. Those who have chosen Christian education for their children know of the sacrifices required including financial, time, and more. In many ways these sacrifices are not disadvantages because we have the rich benefit of “doing” life together, utilizing these opportunities to pour into our children and strengthen relationships. Additionally, God’s word teaches that the responsibility to disciple, train, and educate ultimately lies with the parent(s). Faith Bible Christian Academy is here to assist in that role.

One way we facilitate opportunities for families to be involved with their children is by asking for each family unit to complete 10 hours of volunteer service in the school. This token amount provides everyone an opportunity to participate with the activities of the school.

Parents are welcome to send aunts/uncles, grandparents if they cannot contribute the full 10 hours.

Note: Volunteering to attend Field Trips does not qualify for Family Hours unless a teacher specifically requests your attendance.

Families who do not complete the 10 hours per family will be invoiced $250.

Family Volunteer Hours can be tracked by using QR codes posted in school and/or by signing in at the office.

Contact the Office for more info. 217.562.5054

*Regular volunteers in contact with students are required to receive a background check and IL DCFS Child Abuse Prevention Training as well as FBCA training.