Preparation for the Future: Our students' future is important to everyone at FBCA. 

  • Christian Values
    • Weekly Chapel Services
    • Morning Pledges and Prayer
    • See You at the Pole
  • Strong Academic Curriculum
    • Small Class Size
    • College Preparation Focus
    • One-on-One Help

​We seek to have a strong academic curriculum with a Christian value background, believing one aids the other throughout each student's life.  Our curriculum is challenging, yet with our small class to teacher ratio, we are able to help each student succeed.  

Principal, Mr. Matt Houser

Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Becki Martin

Family Receptionist, Mrs. Carol Kenny

PreK, Mrs. Kim Blakley with Assistant, Grace Blakley

Kindergarten, Mrs. Abigail Hocq

1st-2nd, Mrs. Kelli Kessler

2nd-3rd, Mrs. Penny Miller

4th, Mrs. Dana Beetem

5th-6th, Ms. Lauren Bailey

PE, Mrs. Becca Roberts

Support Staff

Rhonda Brookens

Cheryl Flood

Jeanie Knockman

Ivan Fry, IT


Jr/Sr High Staff

Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler

Mr. Dave Nance

Mrs. Angie Fry

Mrs. Nancy Hill

Mr. Kody Lietz

Mr. Don Beetem