Meet Theo!

Meet Theo – the FBCA School Dog

There are many benefits to having a dog in school:

  • A greater enjoyment of being in the school environment, improved attendance and a greater willingness to learn and participate.
  • Improved behavior, social interaction and sense of responsibility.
  • Pupils achieve more complex goals when the school dog joins their sessions.
  • Increased knowledge of dogs and how to behave safely and appropriately around them.
  • Students have greater access to the community with a school dog. Everyone loves a cute dog!
  • Pets can encourage a child’s learning needs, especially in reading, communication, observation and speaking. This is a useful tool when teaching all children but can be particularly helpful for those who learn in unique ways.
  • They can help children with behavioral needs and time with the pets can be used as a reward.
  • For some children, it will be their only contact with a pet as they don’t have them at home.
  • Learning, including reading time and some curriculum involvement.
  • Self-esteem and interest for students, especially for some more vulnerable students.
  • Anger management, bereavement and stress reduction.
  • Developing responsibility.
  • Knowledge and understanding of animals.