The history of Faith Bible Christian Academy is one of dedication to preserve Christian teachings in schools, persistence to its mission, and thoughtful adaptations with the changing times.  

In 1979 First Baptist Church of Pana founded First Baptist Christian Academy, the first official name.  Many in the church family felt a burden to establish a Christian School in the Pana area.  With the move away from Christianity within schools, FBCA was established to continue strong education within the defining principles of the faith. The school began in 1979 with 55 students.

By 1992 a 70' x 120' addition was added to the original building. This expansion allowed for even more opportunities at FBCA.  

In the summer of 2017 First Baptist Christian Academy became its own entity and separated from the church. First Baptist Church of Pana supported the move to become and independent school. The new board was established and a name change of Faith Bible Christian Academy was given, still keeping to its roots of FBCA.

Today, while students are taught everything from the common curriculum of English, Science, and Math to computer skills for the technologically advanced world, the mission for students to be rooted in faith and strong moral values continues.

301 Mary Ave.
Rosamond, IL

Phone: 217-562-5054