FBCA is an independent, not-for-profit, private school located four miles west of Pana. We are committed to providing a quality education, with a biblical world view,  that prepares students for their future.

Education is not religiously neutral.  It is either based on sound biblical truth or it is based on a secular foundation.

Christian education involves more than the transfer of information to children.  It includes the development of character, understanding, and wisdom as defined in Scripture. 

At FBCA we endeavor to help students develop the following skills throughout all of the academic disciplines.

  • Study skills: the ability to read material and extract important facts, to take notes, to organize work and ideas, to manage the use of time and to meet deadlines.
  • Communication skills: the ability to express ideas, thoughts and opinions effectively by writing or speaking.
  • Writing skills: the ability to put thoughts on paper; to write clearly, concisely and accurately; to write logically; and to master the various types of composition.
  • Speaking skills: the ability to express thoughts verbally in an understandable fashion and to make oral presentations before a group.
  • Research skills: the ability to find information utilizing various resources, to have an understanding of the scientific method and its limitations, to know how to ask questions and seek help when needed and to filter out unreliable sources.
  • Problem-solving skills: the ability to state a problem succinctly and to analyze it, to recognize the implications and consequences to various actions, and to devise solutions.
  • Critical-thinking skills: the ability to study independently; to think logically; to reason; to analyze what is seen, heard, and read; to recognize the bias of printed material; and to be able to follow directions.
  • Technology Skills: the ability to use the computer and various skills associated with word processing, spreadsheets, and graphic layout/design. 
  • A love of learning: the ability and desire to investigate topics of interest and to solve problems with confidence.

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